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Saskatchewan provides a perfect balance between nature's grand sereneness and the excitement of festivals and museums. Those interested in studying culinary arts in Saskatchewan, Canada may attend one of the numerous culinary schools, in pursuit of a Culinary Arts Diploma, Culinary Management Diploma, Professional Baker Certificate, or many other programs.
British chef Gordon Ramsay, who hosts Fox Network’s reality show Hell’s Kitchen, has been referred to as the Simon Cowell of the kitchen. His distinctive British accent hurls profanity at the show’s contestants every week, and he is slowly but surely racking up points as the most hated reality show host.

Every backyard gourmand has wondered what it would be like to wield their creative talents on the line of a posh downtown eatery instead of making sure that Aunt Helen’s steak if cooked well done. But creativity, though vital, is only one facet of a student chef’s work as he or she trains in a restaurant.

Hell's Kitchen

December 13, 2012
Hell’s Kitchen may be the name of a notorious part of New York City, but it is also one of the hottest reality shows on television. With world renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay serving as host, the show offers one lucky chef the opportunity to own and run his or her own 2 million dollar restaurant in Los Angeles.

Culinary Product Development

December 13, 2012
Even though a client may provide personalized input, culinary product development requires expert focus on innovative ideas, attention to details, accuracy, and precision in order to develop, manufacture, and market a culinary product for mass distribution.

Chef Schools

December 12, 2012

Far more than simply a basic need, food and its enjoyment have always been central to the human existence. Its preparation and presentation involve mastery of elaborate techniques and a flair for the creative and original. Whether in a small, family run restaurant or in a large establishment, attention to detail and customer service are of utmost importance. Depending on your interests and goals, it is certain that there is an aspect of culinary arts just right for you! An education in culinary arts includes many options.

Famous Chefs

December 12, 2012
What do Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, and Wolfgang Puck have in common? They are well-known chefs who have taken their love for cooking from the kitchen and into our hearts via their own television food programs and a variety of how-to cookbooks. More than that, their passion for cooking has allowed them to open the doors of award winning restaurants, where their fans-turned-patrons get to sample their culinary delights.

Emeril Lagasse

Chef Schools

December 12, 2012

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