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Hell's Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen may be the name of a notorious part of New York City, but it is also one of the hottest reality shows on television. With world renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay serving as host, the show offers one lucky chef the opportunity to own and run his or her own 2 million dollar restaurant in Los Angeles.

An adaptation of the British series of the same name, the show chronicles the life of 12 aspiring chefs who run through a myriad of emotions and challenges under the watchful eyes of Ramsay, hoping to be selected as the grand prize winner. Many of the contestants who began the show were not chefs at all. In fact, the show has contestants whose cooking experience includes burger flipping and making PBJs for six kids.

The name of the game in Ramsay’s “Hell Kitchen” is to see if one can withstand the sharp tongued chef’s grueling nature and his difficult challenges in a fast-paced atmosphere. His demands and instructions are usually laden with profanity. Usually what he dishes out is what they can expect to face in the real world as a chef cum restaurateur, where time management and customer demands abound.

Ramsay’s method may seem unorthodox but it might just be the saving grace for a burgeoning chef looking to achieve great heights in the culinary field. Perhaps just watching the show will do the same thing for his viewers.

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