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Professor of Culinary Studies

A culinary school relies on its professors to teach students all they need to know to excel in the demanding field of culinary arts. In turn, the best instructors demonstrate more than just practical chef techniques and creative cooking methods. The top teachers also possess a tangible passion for the food arts, a sincere interest in sharing their knowledge with others, and a desire to help others succeed in the demanding workplace.

A professor of culinary studies will supervise the classroom and laboratory and create a positive, motivating learning environment. They should feel comfortable evaluating the students and offering constructive criticism when appropriate. In addition, they should always have the student’s safety foremost in mind during demonstrations and the hands-on learning classes. It is important to know that the role of the teacher usually extends beyond the classroom as well. This means that a professor should and encourage teacher-student communication at all times.

Many professors of culinary studies graduate from a general culinary arts program that focuses on broad skill sets and the history and theory of cooking. Then they may go on to gain more education about a specific area such as baking, working with chocolate, restaurant management, or catering. A broad education helps them relate to students who aren’t sure which path to take once they graduate from a culinary school and who are searching for their own area of expertise.

Some professors may also hold jobs as food writers, critics, or columnists. Or they may act as consultants to food manufacturers or food scientists. These are ways the academics can hone their skills while sharing their culinary expertise with a wider audience. Certainly, the more they expose themselves to the food service industry and the more they network with like-minded professionals, the more they can give back to the students who are working hard to shine in this demanding business.

Salaries vary according to institutions, but most professors of culinary arts enjoy full benefits, including health plans and retirement options. In addition, some faculty members are able to take advantage of a school’s housing and other on-campus perks.

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