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Baking and Pastry Chef

Many restaurants, resorts and hotel establishments have added their own baking facilities, creating an overwhelming need for trained baking and pastry chefs throughout the nation. Consider creating your niche in the culinary industry by becoming a baking and pastry chef.

There are many benefits to pursuing this career choice. For instance, unlike other careers in the culinary industry, baking and pastry chefs typically work daytime hours. Many chefs find this appealing as it allows them the opportunity to pursue their career goals without the late nights.

As a baking and pastry chef you will have the flexibility of pursuing a job within many career fields, including hospitals, cruise boats, hotels and schools. As a result, baking and pastry chefs find themselves enjoying better than average salaries with insurance and retirement benefits not typically available in a traditional culinary field.

There is a high demand for certified baking and pastry chefs within all industries; as you consider your choices and select your classes, consider a career as a baking and pastry chef.

Schools to consider: