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Culinary Related Careers

You love food and working with people and have always wanted to work in a fine dining establishment. While you are an excellent cook, your culinary ability does not lend itself to preparing creative dishes that would end up on the menus of the establishments you would most like to work for. There is a solution!

Not everyone working in the culinary arts is a chef. There are a number of careers within the culinary industry that do not require you to possess fine culinary skills. In fact, if your ability lends itself to service, the last place you will find yourself is in the kitchen, as management and administrative positions are more interactive with the public.

There are many culinary related careers where your abilities are needed and sought after. While the chef is very important and enjoyable meals are the primary reason to visit a restaurant, it is superior service that ensure that a guest will return. As a result, there is a need among fine dining establishments throughout the world to find quality service professionals.

Consider the following culinary related careers. These positions are perfect for someone with strong service skills and a love of restaurants. The experience needed to excel in these jobs can be learned either through formal education or on the job experience, though higher paying restaurants prefer that you have both. The most important thing is that you enjoy people and have a pleasant disposition.

• Restaurant Manager
• Catering Services Manager
• Host or Hostess
• Concierge
• Table Assistant
• Waiter

These are just a few culinary related careers available to you within the culinary arts. The financial rewards depend upon the success and quality of the establishment and the customer service ability of the individual.

Schools to consider: