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Food Critic

What Is A Food Critic?

A food critic writes restaurant reviews for newspapers, magazines, travel guides, or travel organizations. They are experts in restaurant operation and food preparation, and can expertly judge a restaurant's food and service.

What Does A Food Critic Do?

Food critics usually visit between one and three establishments a week, perhaps bringing friends in order to try more dishes, and sometimes make return trips, in order to experience the restaurant and gain enough knowledge to write their article. When visiting restaurants, it is best if a Food Critic remains unnoticed by the managers and is able to take notes inconspicuously.

Characteristics Of A Food Critic

Food critics need to have an adventurous attitude when it comes to trying new food. But not only must food critics try new food, they need to eat bad food in order to write a particular review. They must approach new dishes expecting something good, but be ready to explain why a particular dish did not taste well or was prepared incorrectly.

Besides eating, Food Critics need to be able to describe their dining experience in engaging prose that their audience will want to read. A culinary arts education and training as a writer are helpful when looking for a job as a food critic.

The Nitty Gritty: Salary

Food critics earn approximately the same as their journalist peers, though some food critics work for different publications on a contract basis and get paid per piece they write. When working for a newspaper, food critics salaries are often dependent on the geography and the circulation of that publication.

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