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Culinary Related Careers

Do you love the world of culinary arts but are not so interested or inspired by the thought of becoming a chef? There are still a variety of careers for you to choose from to keep you in close contact with the exciting world of culinary creations! Take a look at just a few of your many choices:

Catering – Whether you work for someone else’s company or own your own, you will get to work at high class parties and meet exciting, powerful people from around the world.

Culinary Management, Restaurant Management, and Hospitality Managment – Like bossing people around? Let your organizational skills and natural air of authority propel you to the top. Opportunities abound for managers in restaurant kitchens as well as in the front of the house, institutions, and hotels.

Baking and Pastry – Because the pastry chef or baker does not sweat out dinner shifts in a mad house of pressure and fast paced cooking, baking and pastry are considered careers related to those in the kitchen. Work early hours or during the day and at your own pace, creating works of art for consumption with dinner or afterwards and avoid the high blood pressure that usually comes with a chef position.

Food Writing and Research – Whether you write reviews of new chefs, restaurants, or specific dishes or choose instead to work for a corporation researching food chemistries and new product creations, you can enjoy the culinary arts by lifting a pen instead of a pan.

Schools to consider: