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Culinary Schools in Virginia (VA)


“Virginia is for Lovers” is much-imitated tourism slogan that hints at Virginia’s exciting mountains, beaches, history, theme parks, vibrant cities, outdoor activities, sports and hospitality. The major industries of this gateway to the South are manufacturing, exports, tourism, high technology, and agriculture.

Virginia Cooking

There is a lot more to Virginia cuisine than the beloved peanut. Virginian’s love their food so much that they create festivals to pay homage to it. Favorites of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean areas are crab, shrimp, and oysters. Inland, favorites include pork, wine, apples, peaches, mushrooms, peanuts, and regional recipes from the hills, including biscuits and gravy, spoonbread and country ham, redeye gravy over grits, jams and jellies, strawberry shortcake, and peach cobbler.

Study the Culinary Arts in Virginia

There are a number of schools throughout Virginia to choose from when you want to study the culinary arts in the Lover’s state. Choose from any of the following and enjoy the many tastes of the state that connects North and South.