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Culinary Schools in Washington (WA)

A tour around Washington reveals not only a vibrant, active state but one that is dedicated to quality in culinary delights. The state’s natural resources are an opportunity for activities such as dog sledding, mountain climbing, fishing and kayaking.

Having a Pacific Ocean coastline and mild climate benefits the culinary experience in Washington. From emu and buffalo burger in the west to fresh fruit and vegetable handpicked from small farmers in the heart of the state to delicate seafood complemented by regional wines in the east, it is the ideal location for pursuing a culinary arts degree.

The culinary schools in Washington are located across the state. Their graduates help create the fusion cuisine and laid-back atmosphere that has influenced the world from New York to Tokyo.

The advantage of studying in this state is the abundance of fresh produce. The wealth of local seafood includes razor clams, oysters, salmon and halibut. Viticulture, long a tradition and an economic propeller of the region, adds class and flavor to all gastronomical experiences.